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We think that having lots of programs and events chew up all of your free time, and we’d prefer, as a follower of Christ, that you actually have a life and live it well. Consequently, we don’t do a whole lot of stuff.  That said, we do some stuff, and most of what we do centers around relationships: between us and God, and between us and each other.

  • Weekly Worship – We gather together every Sunday at 10:45 AM for a time of rockin’ worship and relevant teaching. Our style is casual (shorts or jeans and t-shirts), but our attention to God’s leadership is focused.  We don’t take ourselves very seriously… but we take our God very seriously. Join us this Sunday and meet some of the most genuine people you’ve ever met. Email Melba for more information.
  • Small Groups – We place a high priority on authentic relationships, and our small groups (we call ’em Journey groups) are the main way we help you connect with others. Groups are varied in size, location, and agenda, but odds are there’s a group that’s right for you. Read more about our Journey Groups and feel free to email Melba for more info.
  • Kid’s Ministry –  You can read more about our kids ministry here. Please feel free to email Linda with any questions.
  • Setup Team – What you see when you walk into AACS takes lots of work.  We ask everyone who calls Crossroads “home” to join a setup team.  Email Josh when you’re ready…
  • Tech Team – While we’re not the “techiest” group in the world… no pocket protectors here… we do have a pretty decent handle on the latest A/V equipment.  If you like that sort of stuff, we won’t make fun of you, we’ll put you to work.  Email Tyler for more information.
  • Worship Team – If you’re a musician or vocalist, and you want to get involved in our worship team, email Beka. There is probably a place for you!
  • Missions Stuff – Since missions is a core part of our identity, it has its own page.  Email Melba if you want more info.