serving together

At Crossroads, we are seriously excited about the fact that Jesus has settled the relationship between us and God, and we are amazed that we have been given this privilege: “We are Christ’s representatives” (2 Corinthians 5:20).

We have experienced Jesus’ love and are now sent to share that love with everyone- through our words and our actions. Whether we are at work, school or play, in the suburbs or inner city of Annapolis, Baltimore or D.C., West Virginia, Ohio, or India, we are striving to carry out our assignment, enjoy the journey, and “live sent.”  Our goal is to live each day as missionaries wherever God has placed us.

Here are some ways that you can join us in this great adventure:

  • First and foremost, by listening for, and then obeying, the Spirit’s prompting as you look at the people around your workplace, school, neighborhood, or wherever you find yourself every day. Then, hold on and enjoy the adventure!
  • By joining us for one of the regular mission activities we participate in together to serve our community. We call it being “out of the building”,  and instead of gathering together to worship in one place on that Sunday morning, we worship by serving in our community. We cook and serve meals at local homeless shelters, take groceries to a low-income housing development, paint at a pregnancy crisis center, take care of yard work for a women’s shelter,  volunteer our time at a local elementary school and collect supplies for them . . .  And the list goes on. We’re having a blast and are continuing to look for ways to meet needs and serve people- in Jesus name!
  • By joining us when we go outside of our immediate community to meet needs and share Jesus’ love, whether they’re in a neighboring state or on the other side of the world.

If you’d like more info about any of these mission opportunities, please email Melba. She’d love to hear your story and invite you to join ours.