We love to worship together and we gather each Sunday to enjoy time with God and each other. But sometimes we worship by serving in our community and showing Jesus’ love by meeting needs– and we love that kind of worship, as well! This Sunday, October 30, is one of those Sundays. We’ll have teams in several different locations serving in a variety of ways, and we’ll come together to worship next week, on Sunday, November 6,  in our usual space to connect with God and celebrate the ways He was able to use us as we served this weekend!

If you’d like to get in on the fun and join one of our teams, we have a team who’ll serve brunch for 40-50 residents of Sarah’s House, a homeless shelter for families in our area, this Sunday morning, October 30. And they could use some extra hands as we prepare the meal, serve it, and join the residents around timg_1245he tables for good food and conversation. For more information please email Linda and she’ll hook you up with everything you need to know to join our team. And please join us next Sunday, November 6, when we’re back from serving!