Our story starts and ends with Jesus.  In Luke 9:59, “Jesus said: ‘Come, be my disciple.’”

We believe life is a journey. It begins when we are conceived and continues past the point of death. At some point along our life’s journey we begin asking questions:

  • Why am I on this journey? 
  • Where does this journey take me?
  • How can I make sure the route I am taking is the best?

We believe that at this point on one’s journey, the search begins for meaning, purpose, significance, and acceptance. This search is a spiritual one.  And at this “crossroads” of sorts, a person is open to a real encounter with a real God.

In the fall of 1997, 15 adults met in the basement of a friend and formed the core of a new church community. The vision and calling they sensed was to begin a church for a generation of people that had not connected with God. With this core group of people, Crossroads was born. In the first few months, the group developed the core beliefs and foundations on which they would build this new church. In the spring of 1998, Crossroads began learning what it would mean to be a “real church.” In October 1998, the church celebrated “opening day,” and a community began an exciting journey together.