We love kids! Your children are really, really important to us and we’re so thrilled to have the privilege of helping them learn about loving God and loving others.  Here’s what you and your kids can expect when you visit:

how it works: Your kids will start off by staying with you in our worship gathering. After a couple of songs, we’ll dismiss the kids and our awesome teachers will take them to their own space. However, you are always welcome to keep your children with you if you’d prefer.

COVID-19- we’re serious about keeping our kids safe, and committed to doing everything we can to protect them. Our classroom is thoroughly sanitized, our kids (and of course, our teachers) wear masks just like the grown-ups, and our teachers have planned their teaching and application times so that our kids can maintain a safe distance from each other, but still be engaged in the lesson and with each other. We’re keeping each child’s craft and other supplies separate and put aside just for them, and an adult is supervising frequent hand-washing and/or hand sanitizing. Did we mention that we love kids?:)

first visit:  You can go to your child’s class with the teacher, and they’ll help you register your child and check them in. Then you can leave them in the teacher’s capable care while you enjoy  having a time to connect with other adults and join in worship.

ages: Crossroads kid’s ministry is designed for kids who are mobile (have started to crawl) up to 5th grade.

our teachers:  They’re amazing, friendly, helpful, background checked, and most of all they love kids. They love teaching kids about God and his love for them!

what your kids will do: Our teachers will share a Bible story and discuss it with the kids, and they’ve planned crafts and other fun activities that help them apply what they’re learning.  Our class is structured to encourage creative play time with the other kids, as well.

one more thing: When you go to get your child and sign them out, expect them to tell you how much fun they had and that they can’t wait to come back! 

If you have questions please email our children’s minister, Charissa – she’ll be glad to help.