journey groups

The great American poet, Tom Cochrane, once said “life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long.” We agree.  We think that life is most definitely a journey that must be traveled.  Sometimes we enjoy the drive, sometimes we’re struggling up a hill, sometimes we’re flying out of control down the other side.  No matter where we are on this journey, we were never meant to travel it by ourselves.  You were created for a close relationship with God and for close relationships with fellow-travelers.

Crossroads really, really (really!) wants you to get more connected to God and connected to a community of people who are on the same journey you’re on. And we’ve designed our Journey groups to help you do that. Our groups meet weekly in homes around our community and odds are there’s one that’s right for you!

Some FAQ’s about Crossroads Journey groups:

  • What do our Journey Groups do? We’ve built in time to study a biblical book or topic, or read a great book together, that will be seriously relevant to your life and your family, as well as plenty of time for eating, relaxing, laughing, getting to know others, and serving alongside those who are on the same journey you’re on. In other words, we do life together!
  • How long will these groups meet? Our Journey groups run on four-month-long semester length cycles. Each group will meet once weekly from September through early December. Then we’ll take some time off for the holidays and refresh our groups and begin a new semester from late January or so through May. We usually take some time off in the summer, but often have some shorter groups, called Growth groups, available in the summer months.
  • How do I join a Journey Group?  If you’d like to join a Journey Group, please pick up a group list, available in one of our gatherings, choose the group you’d like to join, and contact the group leader at the phone number or email address provided. Or, to get a copy of our Journey group list by email, click on the “Melba” email link below. And we always have lots of info about our Journey Groups available in our weekly info email, so be sure to sign up to get that on our homepage.

For more information, please email our connection pastor : Melba.