We trust in God for our health and safety, but we also want to be wise about doing all we can to minimize the risks associated with the COVID-19 virus. So when we gather together in person, here are the measures we’re taking:

  • The building is sanitized before use, and there are several hand-sanitizer stations available for our congregation.
  • We’re asking our members and our visitors to wear a mask when they attend worship.
  • For now, we’re bumping elbows or doing “air high fives” instead of hugs.
  • Except for our worship leader, we’re not singing aloud during our times of worship. Since worship is all about the heart, we’ve found that we’re still able to express our heart’s praise to our great and faithful God!
  • The management of the facility where we meet has decided that everyone who enters the building will need to check their temperature. We have a touch-less thermometer, but families may choose to bring their own.
  • The facility management would like each adult who attends a worship gathering to sign a waiver releasing them from liability in case someone were to contract the virus. The signature is a formality, and only takes a few seconds.

We hope you’ll visit with us the next time we gather to worship in our building!